The Go Green Auto Club is a complimentary benefit program provided to you with your qualifying Go Green™ nitrogen conversion. Your membership is a gift for doing your part to help conserve fuel and our environment by keeping your tires properly inflated. Enter your Go Green™ Registration Number above to register for your Free one year membership and to become eligible to receive benefits. Once registered, you may enjoy:

tow truck
24 Hour Emergency Towing Service:
Your vehicle may be towed to the destination of your choice.
keys in car door
Lost Key or Lockout Service:
If your keys are lost, broken or you are accidentally locked out of your vehicle, you will be covered.*
flat tire
Tire Repair and Replacement Coverage:
We will cover the costs of repairing or replacing your tires should you experience a flat tire or tire failure due to a road hazard.
people looking shore line at beach
Travel Benefits:
Members receive unbeatable travel pricing on hotels, airfare and rental cars.
women, red shirt, leaning on car, on phone calling for vehicle help
24 Hour Emergency Road Service:
You are covered for emergency road service throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Trip Routing Service:
We will, at no charge, produce full color, wire bound trip routings for members' road trips including turn by turn directions, enhanced mapping for metropolitan areas, points of interest and fun games.
jumper cables in car battery
24 Hour Emergency Battery Service:
You are covered to boost batteries and perform minor adjustments to alternators, starters, etc. while on the road.
wrecked car
Theft and Hit & Run Protection:
A $500 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for hit & run damages or stealing your vehicle.
fluid in car
24 Hour Emergency Delivery:
A service truck will deliver emergency supplies of gasoline, water, oil or other necessary supplies. You only pay for the cost of the supplies.
side of car, highway
Trip Interruption Coverage:
You are entitled up to $300 in reimbursements for meals, lodging and transportation charges when you are involved in a collision away from home.
* Complete details are provided upon customer registration as benefits may vary.