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Updated Automotive Repair installs quality factory and non-factory brand name parts at competitive prices.
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A common problem with automatic transmissions is rough and hard shifting due to poor maintenance. Nearly nine out of ten transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination, according to the Automatic Transmission Rebuilder's Association. Automatic transmission fluid suffers from heat, friction and contamination. As time goes on, the transmission's vital parts begin to coat with sludge and varnish. According to ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) manufacturers, the addition of new fluid to contaminated fluid can actually cause sludge and varnish deposits to clog filters and restrict the flow of transmission fluid.
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With a regular transmission service
A regular transmission drain and fill service can leave as much as 75% of the old ATF behind in the torque converter and transmission cooler. When new ATF is added, it is immediately contaminated by the old ATF left in the system. The deposits left in the system can seriously impact the proper operation of the transmission.

With a Wynn's® Transmission Flush Service
The Wynn's Transmission Flush service is performed using the Wynn's TranServe™ or TranServe™II machine. Either machine is powered by the vehicle's battery and is connected to the transmission cooler line using the supplied adapters. Wynn's Transmission Flush is added to the transmission with the engine idling. The flush safely dissolves harmful deposits and suspends them for easy removal with either machine. A Wynn's Transmission System Flush Service will replace up to 95% of the old ATF with fresh ATF.
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The cooling system is probably the most neglected system in a vehicle. Engine coolant deteriorates over a period of time, losing its ability to protect cooling system components against rust, corrosion, and scale deposits. The resulting scale deposits can seriously impair the effectiveness of the cooling system. Most automobile manufacturers recommend a cooling system service every two years or 30,000 miles. Unfortunately, some drivers neglect this service. Cooling system failure is the number one cause of mechanical breakdown on the highway.
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With a regular cooling system service
A regular drain and fill service usually leaves about 50% of the old coolant behind, in the engine block and heater core. When the new coolant is added, it is immediately contaminated with the old coolant. The deposits left in the system will continue to impair the efficient operation of the system.

With a Wynn's Cooling System Flush Service
The Wynn's Cooling System Flush service is performed using the Wynn's® patented Du-All® Power Drain and Fill machine or the new Wynn's PowerFlush machine. Both machines are connected at the vehicle's upper radiator hose using the supplied adapters without cutting hoses. Wynn's® Radiator Flush is added to the vehicle's radiator and the engine is idled for five to ten minutes. The flush dissolves harmful deposits and suspends them for easy removal with the Du-All® or PowerFlush machine. A Wynn's Cooling System Flush Service will replace about 95% of the old coolant with fresh coolant. The final step in the flush service is to replace the original factory sealant removed in the process by adding Wynn's® Radiator Sealant. In approximately twenty minutes, the car is ready to go. The Du-All® machine also economically recycles antifreeze/coolant to O.E.M. specifications at the shop's convenience.
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CarbonClean machine
CarbonClean: Complete Fuel System Service and Diagnostic Center
• Fully Electronic-Microprocessor Controlled Operation
• System Runs Unattended
• Works on Port Fuel, TBI, CIS and Carbureted Vehicles
• Portable - 12 Volt DC Operation
• Service Benefits Include:
    Improved Performance
    Improved Mileage
    Emissions Reduction
CarbonClean bottle
CarbonClean Service
The CarbonClean Service Kit™ is specifically formulated to be used with the CarbonClean System!
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Experts recommend periodic flushing or fluid exchanges of power steering systems. Allsuppliers of re-manufactured or replacement power steering racks recommend flushing the entire system of old fluid and contaminants when replacing a power steering rack.

Historically, power steering system fluid service has been neglected, often due to the lack of a convenient method for providing such flush or fluid change services. Previous methods for flushing the power steering system or replacing the power steering fluid were time consuming and often inefficient or incomplete.
Service neglect leads to power steering system complaints including poor handling, hard or sluggish steering, and objectionable noise. These complaints can often be attributed to fluid that has thickened due to oxidation, become contaminated or undergone additive degradation over time. Fluid that has thickened due to oxidation often results in hard steering when the fluid is cold. This commonly results in a phenomenon called “morning sickness.” Also, over time, fluid leakage from power steering system seals can often be attributed to seal deterioration from continued contact with degraded fluid.

Previously, power steering fluid exchange, without the use of a machine, was accomplished by disconnecting a low pressure hose and gravity draining the old fluid, then reconnecting the hose and refilling the reservoir with new fluid. Such gravity draining did not flush the old fluid from small passages or pockets in the system where old contaminated fluid would settle, resulting in a very incomplete fluid exchange.

The Wynn’s® Power Steering Flush Machine is a portable, lightweight, easy to operate and efficient unit that flushes the system of old fluid and contaminants, and refills the system with new fluid. This machine is designed to be used with vehicles containing either conventional power steering fluid or ATF type power steering fluid in the power steering system.

The basic flush and refill procedure is performed via the power steering fluid reservoir and includes the following:

Draining the old fluid from the reservoir.
Refilling the reservoir with Wynn’s Power Steering System Flush.
Performing the flush process with simultaneous use of the suction hose and the supply hose.

Performing the new fluid refill process with simultaneous use of the suction hose and the supply hose.

Routine power steering fluid service is designed to extend the life of power steering system components. The Wynn’s Power Steering Flush service helps prevent component wear, keeps seals conditioned to help eliminate leaks, and provides the appropriate fluid viscosity for maximum power steering system performance.

Note: Read and follow the Operating Instructions completely.
Caution: The Wynn’s 2-part flush kits No. 10176 and No. 10179 are not recommended for use with Honda or Audi vehicles. Wynn's® Type H/A Power Steering Fluid Kit No. 11001 is recommenced for Honda and Acura vehicles. Always verify the proper type of power steering fluid before performing this service.
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• Evacuates and refills fluid via the differential fill plug opening
• Separate rocker switch activated pumps for new and used fluid
• Convenient trigger operated new fluid delivery nozzle
• Compact, light roll-around unit
• Used fluid contained on-board until removed via an on-board used fluid pump
• Control panel mounted valve and pump switch to control waste fluid removal
• 12V DC powered
• Can also be used for manual gearbox and transfer case fluid changes
Take Care Of Your Differential
Gear oil lubricated differentials are found in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive pick-up trucks and SUV's, as well as in rear wheel drive passenger cars and vans. Although periodic replacement of the gear oil is specified by vehicle manufactures to maintain the performance and longevity of the differential, this is probably the most commonly overlooked service in personal transportation. With the growing number of pick-up trucks and SUV's on the road, it is important that differential fluid service gets the attention it deserves.

Overextended differential fluid service intervals can:
• Lead to gear oil breakdown.
• Cause poor differential performance and noise.
• Allow excessive wear and corrosion of gears.
- Especially under severe driving conditions such as heavy loads, high temperatures and stop-and-go driving.
• Contribute to premature differential failure and replacement.
-  A differential assembly can cost as much as $1,500.00.

Your Vehicle Manufacture Recommends Differential Fluid Changes
As there us often not an easy, convenient and quick method for changing differential fluid, the service is often neglected. Such neglect can contribute to poor differential performance, premature wear, noise and even premature failure. As changing the used fluid us manual transmissions and transfer cases can be a similarly tedious process, these fluid changes are also often neglected, possibly leading to the same kinds of long term problems, including poor performance, premature wear and possible failure.

Keep your vehicle safe and reliable with a complete Wynn's Differential Fluid Service

Complete replacement of the differential fluid. Replacing the oil differential fluid in accordance with manufacturer recommended intervals with Wynn's high performance synthetic gear oil using the state-of-the-art Wynn's DiffServ™ Differential Fluid Service Machine:
-  Extends differential component life.
-  Provides superior protection especially under extreme conditions.
-  Protects against friction, wear and corrosion.

For safety and the life of your vehicle, make sure a differential fluid service is part of your normal maintenance schedule. With Wynn's, you have over 60 years of auto-care experience ready to help you avoid breakdowns and other expenses.