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Updated Automotive Repair now owns the Nitrogen generator machine for all types of tires and mag rims, Vetronics 3100 Mastertech with Expertec-SPS Pro, Vetronics Tech2, Chrysler DRB III and Chrysler Flashing Ability and SPS pro for all G.M./ Saturn/ Lexus/ Honda/ Kia/ Toyota factory testing and reprogramming equipment and its Simbiot Dell Computer. We also purchased for Ford/ Lincoln/ Jaguar/ Mazda/ Nissan the NGS tester unit and Ford flash package they are also ford factory testing and reprogramming tools and equipment and work with the dell Simbiot as well.
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In addition (3) New Diagnostic Computer Systems. The Snap-on Verus  and the Snap-On Ultra Solus also a portable 5 gas Snap-on analysis for driveability issues for Import and Domestic vehicles including European. To handle your Airbag and ABS Diagnostic System for most makes and models. With this new technology our extensive on line data sources and Mitchell on-demand, it will greatly help in the over all diagnosis, repair and maintenance of most early and current model vehicles as well.
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Ten Good Reasons for
Annual Car Maintenance and Safety Checks

Cut Repair Cost

Discovering worn components before they create major problems.

A poorly maintained vehicle can drive you into a serious accident.

Better Performance
This translates to improved fuel economy as well as "driveability".

Saving The Environment
Under maintained vehicles are a serious contributor to air pollution.

Improved Trade-In Value
A well maintained vehicle can be worth 2-3 times as much as one that's been neglected.

Better Handling
Incorrect wheel alignment, worn suspension components and/or tires can cause poor ride handling.

Ability To Plan Ahead
When a check up indicates future need for replacement of a part you can budget accordingly.

A well maintained vehicle is less likely to stall, fail to start or otherwise leave you stranded.

Driving Enjoyment
It's more comfortable and more fun to drive a car that holds the road and drives well

Pride of Ownership
It's said that your car is an extension of your personality. Keep it looking like you care.